Who hires a Life Coach, and why?

Everyone and anyone who wants to improve their life, their relationships, and their general happiness.

What are the benefits of hiring a Life Coach?

You start taking more productive and focused actions immediately. You start letting go of things no longer serve you. You create momentum, so it’s easier to get results. You set better goals that are based on what you want. You have more time and energy. ​

How does Life Coaching differ from therapy or a best friend?

Life coaching is not therapy. Life coaches focus on the present and the client’s goals for the future. A coach helps people move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they want. A best friend is wonderful to have, but sometimes our friends can’t tell us the truth as much as they would like to because they don’t want to risk losing the friendship. A good life coach is never afraid to tell you the truth and is willing to be fired at any time.

Can I hire a Life Coach for a short-term goal?

Yes. Some clients hire a life coach to help them achieve a specific goal or objective. Many others choose to continue working with their life coach after their initial goals are accomplished because they realize the benefits they get from the coaching relationship. ​

What areas can be impacted through Life Coaching?

Career Transitions, Relationships, Communication, Work-Life Balance, Life transitions, Time Management, Personal Development, Money Management, etc.​

What sorts of businesses benefit from being coached?

Any business can benefit from applying the principles involved in business coaching – whether that is setting a plan and sticking to it or reviewing marketing, sales, people management, leadership, or any of the other areas we focus on​.

 How do we get started?

First, we sign a coaching agreement, which explains in detail what you can expect from me and what I expect of you. You commit to following through on your short- and long-term goals. We both agree to build a relationship based on trust in creating a business that truly reflects you and your views.