Life Coach & Quantum Healing Therapist

About Romina Tomas

I am an intuitive energy worker passionate about helping people reach a fuller life aligned with their essence and values from the heart.

My expertise includes Life & Business Coaching, Akashic Records Master, Quantum Healing Therapies, and Individual Family Constellations.

I come to ignite the hearts of humans so that they may remember who they are and vibrate at the maximum expression of their souls. 

Mission and Vision

The Birth of Romina's Vision

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires and moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams. My journey has led me to a successful coaching career that I consider a second chance and opportunity to live my life to the fullest. Now, I am proud to communicate that same incredible realization with others struggling to overcome obstacles by creating work they find meaningful to themselves and the rest of the world.

My mission has guided people back to loving themselves and building amazingly purposeful lives that provide maximum enjoyment and fulfillment. I find nothing more inspiring than encouraging, challenging, and listening to people’s essence to get them to live out their goals, values, and vision.

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Certified in:


Quantum Healing Therapies

Life & Business Coaching

Individual Family Constellations

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Romina's Credentials

  • Akashic Records Master Teacher
  • Akashic Records Reader Level I and II and III
  • Quantum Connections Facilitator
  • Individual Family Constellator
  • Accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC)
    • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
    • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
    • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

Experience Dictates Wisdom

Why Choose Romina?

Romina’s Story

I was constantly second-guessing myself before making any extensive career or business decisions, whether changing jobs, buying a house, etc. I was seeking others’ opinions and/or approval.

Coaching and other tools have helped me trust myself and make faster decisions without doubting myself. Through my inner work, I’ve become more in touch with my intuition and learned to listen to my higher self for support and guidance.

I’m a problem solver; my first instinct is to go for the best way to deal with the issue and move on. I am a positive thinker, always looking for the best in others and never giving up. In my heart, I know there is always another way to look at things, a new answer to a problem, a new way of doing things. I have an understanding that we are all infinite and abundant beings. We have all the possibilities at our disposal.

I now support others to connect within to find the answers they seek outside of themselves, reaching a higher level of confidence, allowing them to make more intelligent and quicker decisions, and trusting themselves in the process.

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