I love receiving satisfied client’s testimonials like the ones below. It makes me feel extremely grateful and fulfilled.

"The best thing that stood out for me was my level of understanding and how making small changes in my life could make such a big difference. I think you always asked the right questions, validated my feelings, and ensured that I was staying accountable to my development. The most important benefit I've gotten since working with her is happiness. When we started together, I wasn't even able to think about my future without falling into full tears. Now I can explain my feelings and also embrace them. Romina was inquisitive, connected, and passionate."
Melissa Izquierdo (USA)
"Although experienced a single session with Romina, she exhibited immense patience, care, and options for problem-solving through future planning tactics. Admire her calming demeanor and interest in my situation for my personal benefit. The lone session truly helped with my long term plans and gave me confidence in an optimistic future. I would recommend her to a friend/colleague seeking help.”
Garrett Hawkins (USA)
"El beneficio más importante de nuestras sesiones fue ayudarme a conocerme más. Y algunas decisiones que se fueron tomando en ese período que hoy me ayudan a estar mejor. En un principio pensé que sólo íbamos a ir por la parte laboral pero me encantó también poner objetivos personales. Pero creo que lo más relevante es que pienso lo que hago, lo analizo, soy consciente. Me ayudan mucho las notas y los feedbacks que Romina envia despues de cada sesión. Me dio herramientas para conocerme."
Carolina H. (Argentina)
"Romina is an extraordinary life coach. She is an insightful, thoughtful, and caring coach who does a great job of really listening, identifying what you need to work on, and then empowering you to find solutions and move forward. Romina provided me with invaluable guidance and focus. Any current and future successes that I can achieve in my life are at least in part due to the skills I found in myself under her tutelage. If you are looking for someone to look out for your best interests and guide you honestly on the right path, look no further."
Angelica Wolfenson (USA)
"I was having a hard time at work -- I felt stuck, I felt super lack of confidence, I felt paralyzed and unmotivated even to get to work. I initially wanted Romina to help me get unstuck, help me get moving, and drive the action forward. With Romina, I learned the importance of making plans and got into the habit of doing them. I learned that to think positively is not the same as believing in fairytales (I love this attitude about her) and facing reality and being actively conquering the challenges, not running away from them. I like that she focuses on reality and my actual problems instead of just generally addressing a "positive attitude." I benefited from the tools she taught me; they are very practical. I found it very valuable that in the beginning, she went to my daily schedule with me with all the details and patiently trying out all the little variations of how to make a schedule effective with me. Her hands-on approach was super helpful for me as someone who used to procrastinate and have avoidance issues. After my sessions with Romina, I've gotten unstuck from my work, and things are moving along. She taught me how to look at life in general (personal aspects) and face life with more balance and confidence, not overly apologetic or people-pleasing. I also have much more confidence in the career path I chose yet still a passion for other aspects of potential pursuits. I am almost in tears filling this form. It makes me think back to when we just started and what a terrible place I was in. Romina played such a crucial role in getting out of the stuck situation I was in and got to move along with my work. Her occasional "tough love" also helped me "grow up," be an adult, take responsibility for myself and my life. In essence, it makes me see the reality and love life more and no longer be afraid of it or wanting to run away. I am super grateful to all that Romina has helped me with. Romina's approach is down-to-earth, energetic, and right-on-spot. She is a fantastic coach.
Mia Lee (USA)
"When we had the initial discovery call, Romina was very helpful and gave me so much value. I was overwhelmed with setting up my business and wasn't sure what steps were required and what to do. She was straightforward and action-oriented. What I found most valuable was her ability to simplify and advise expertly with suggestions. With her support, I was able to complete my business set up in 4 weeks. Romina was action-oriented, effective, and professional. It was a pleasure working with her. She is, by far, one of the best ones I've encountered. Romina's style is suited for people who are ready to put in the work, and she made that very easy for me."
Joan Nwosu (USA)
"What made me want to work with her was her ability to focus on my needs, my goals, and my introspective work, even if it meant I had to go slower, change directions, or even change my paradigm. I was all over the place. I was unclear about a career direction. The biggest benefit that I've gotten is learning how to be self-accountable and the habit of breaking the goals up into parts and not thinking so much about the end result. Learning to take from every experience. Romina's approach was client-focused, flexible and adaptable to client challenges and utilizing reflective questioning."
Esther Ramirios (USA)
"The most valuable takeaway from being coached by Romina is that I felt challenged to look at things differently and to be accountable for what I want for myself. Once I was able to make a breakthrough and see things beyond what was frustrating me, I was able to take what we worked on as far as planning and organization and use it as a tool with a new found confidence. Romina’s approach is inspirational, uplifting and empowering."
Daniel S. (USA)
"Romina is a great coach. She is inspiring and positive. After each session, I leave with a clear idea of what are the next steps to achieve what I am looking for."
Monica Zevallos (USA)
"Romina is a great coach. She is inspiring and positive. After each session, I leave with a clear idea of what are the next steps to achieve what I am looking for." "The main takeaway about the coaching sessions was to realize that if I'm clear about my goals and put a step by step plan of action, I can successfully reach my goals. Since working with Romina, I've learned to see my strengths and give myself more value than I did before. Romina's coaching approach was supportive, clarifying, and structured."
Gina H. (Germany)
"I saw a video of Romina on YouTube, and I liked her energy, and I felt like she could help me get a lot done. I realized I wanted to get a lot done in a short time frame, and I wanted someone to help me get organized and focus on the next right move. The biggest takeaway from Romina's coaching was that I need to give myself a more realistic time frame to get stuff done. And that it's better to plan for fewer things and overdeliver than to disappoint myself. I appreciate this wisdom! And I'm still trying to get the hang of this by scheduling twice as much time as I thought. I found her way of helping me slow down and be more methodical was very valuable. She made me realize there is no rush, and it's better to set things up right for the future and take my time with it than to rush and always feel like I'm behind. She is very motivational! And she asks the right questions as well. With Romina's help, I've been able to assess different parts of my business differently. There's much more intentionality to my work now. Romina's approach was direct, supportive, and enlightening. She was wonderful, and I appreciate her guidance!"
Courtney Miller (USA)
"Romina Tomas offered me an extraordinary life-changing experience! The time we spent with her over the phone, she was able to extract the negative patterns in my life that were blocking me from growing in my business. She made me AWARE of my bad habits and patterns we tend to miss when you work for yourself!!! And the more time we spend on the phone discussing my business and personal concerns, the more I felt free, motivated, and optimistic in facing my goals and making my dreams a reality. Thank you again, Mrs. Tomas "Romina" for everything and for taking the time today to work with me."
Esther Bengio (USA)
I had been in a situation in my life where I was comfortable but unhappy. I lacked the confidence and motivation to get out of my comfort zone to pursue things that would lead me to a happy life. The most valuable lesson that I've learned through the coaching sessions is teaching me to hold myself accountable so that I will achieve the goals I set -making me realize that I don't have much to lose by trying as I initially thought. Romina's approach was understanding, supportive, and motivating."
Chris Bauer (Canada)
"The biggest light bulb was that I was letting my need for other people's approval get in the way of me living my happiest, healthiest, most full life - and holding me back from reaching my full potential and from reaching my goals. I feel like I came to know and understand myself better as a person, and she helped me build my confidence in myself to make the changes I needed to make to move forward with my life and my career. I loved the very specific action plan and homework I had each week, it provided me with the accountability I needed to achieve my goals. Romina is passionate, encouraging and insightful."
Kat C. (USA)
"I found Romina on a Google search. I loved that she was very proactive in communicating with me and let me know what she can offer me. I picked her because I felt her beliefs and values about personal development were similar to mine, as well as being easy-going. I felt comfortable straight away, the price was reasonable, and she was not pushy to try and make me make a decision. I wanted help with accountability. I'm very good at planning and setting goals but sometimes come unstuck when I need to take action. I liked her flexible approach as I had always had the attitude "all in or all out". Which I knew logically was stupid, but I still lived by it. In particular with eating and exercise, which has always been the area I struggle with. Some of the things that stood up for me were to be flexible, not be so harsh on myself, remembering this is a life change and not a short term fix. Also, being more organized, using my diary more, and making appointments to time block time for the things I want to get it done. The most important benefit I've gotten was to take one small step at a time and to just take it one day at a time; especially if I start to feel overwhelmed that my goal is too far away; also, to remember to write things down in the one spot (my diary) rather than on all loose pieces of paper. Romina is flexible, understanding, professional, and punctual. Thanks so much for everything you have done so far. I look forward to continuing our sessions.
Michelle P. (Australia)
"I realized I needed help when my lists were getting longer, and most of my work time was spent feeling overwhelmed. I instantly felt like she understood what I was going through. Romina has been instrumental in helping me move forward. She's given me the skill set to prioritize and accomplish tasks, as well as set reasonable deadlines. It's a series of small achievable steps, but when I look back, I realize that since we started working together, I've come a long way." Romina's approach was understanding, supportive, and motivating."
Fabiana Mora (USA)

Ready To Take Action?

If you are committed and ready to take action, book your Strategy Coaching Session. Each 60-minute session will help you uncover your blocks, remove them and create a stronger foundation for your future.  We will go over your сurrеnt реrѕоnаl and рrоfеѕѕіоnаl goals, and I will support you to make quicker decisions based on self-confidence and trust. Together we can go through unlocking your passion and become more aligned with your soul’s mission. My accountability coaching cares about helping you achieve the goals you set within the timeframe you desire. Each session is unique and suited to your needs.