Quantum Connection Sessions Are Available!

I am thrilled to announce that I am expanding my services to new areas! My expertise now includes Quantum Connections, which is a process that will change your life in a way that you cannot even imagine!


I know you may be asking yourself, what do you mean by quantum connections? Those sound too much out there!

You know me well by now, either through my posts or if you have taken coaching sessions with me, you know that I like to go to the root of the issue, clarify it, find a way to solve it and move on.

Then, Quantum Connections are the perfect tool to help you find answers in a way you never experienced before.

Let me give you a bit more information about them. ↓

  • The main objective of the connections is to move you towards other dimensional levels in a conscious way and thus access crucial information for your personal growth on this dimensional level.
  • A Quantum Connection is nothing more than a guided meditation that allows you to connect to your inner-self, and like in coaching, help you find the answers within.
  • They are the tool that allows us to access different levels of consciousness through guided meditation.



How is the process?

Connections are made between two people. One that does the process (pilot) and the other that accompanies (co-pilot). The process is strictly confidential, the session is recorded by Skype or Zoom, and then the recording will be delivered to you via email. (Currently, there are no face-to-face sessions, only online).

How many quantum connections do I need to find an answer to?

Generally, one connection is sufficient to answer a specific question brought to the session. This is not a therapy that requires weekly or monthly sessions. They are individual sessions to find an answer to something specific. If you want to repeat the experience, you must wait three weeks before booking another session.

How can Quantum Connections help me? 

The benefits of connections can be many since you can free yourself from limiting beliefs or thoughts that prevent you from growing and evolving by finding answers to your most intimate and personal questions.

Some of the most common benefits are

Remove Limiting Beliefs  

  • Express in words things that you feel and that are intangible
  • Understand more your personal history from the point of view free of judgment and opinion
  • Connect with your life mission and purpose
  • Get information that allows you to live a fuller life
  • Change the focus of your life to be able to see it from another perspective

Overcome Trauma

  • Overcoming painful or traumatic experiences
  • Release blockages and emotions that prevent you from living fully
  • Release tensions and worries
  • Forgive yourself of any situation that limits your inner peace
  • Activate your gifts and abilities

Raise Your Vibrational Level

  • Activate your DNA to your highest vibration
  • Increase your vibrational frequency
  • Align yourself with your essence and your values
  • Increase your daily energy level to avoid fatigue and tiredness
  • Raise your level of perception and open your eyes to a world full of possibilities

Quantum Connections can be defined as a journey into your inner-self to find your most in-depth answers and uncover your true essence. They help you interact with your source of unconditional love and with the highest version of yourself.

For more information or any further questions about quantum connections, feel free to contact me.

If you are ready to book one, you can click here. If you think someone else can benefit from them, please share!

I like to keep myself learning new ways to support you. Stay tuned for more new services coming up!

Thanks for reading, and keep going for your dreams!​​


Romina Tomas

P.S.: Sessions are also available in Spanish. Presione aquí para mas información en Español.