A Quantum Healing Therapy session is a guided meditation where you access your soul’s journey in all your lives and dimensions. 

This session can help you to:

  • Heal ancestral lineage
  • Stop repetitive patterns
  • Heal physical body ailments
  • Remember your gifts and abilities
  • Know your stellar origin
  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Connect with your soul’s mission
  • Eliminate memories of pain
  • Overcome painful or traumatic experiences
  • Forgive yourself for any situation that limits your inner peace
  • Align yourself with your essence and your values

In each session, we also harmonize the chakras, recalibrate the physical body, raise our vibrational frequency, and cleanse our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of distortions or limiting beliefs that do not allow us to flow.

The Quantum Healing Therapy process will change your life in a way you cannot imagine! 




How is the process?

 You will be guided into a deep meditative state (not hypnosis, you are fully aware) where you access your soul’s journey in all your lives and dimensions. 

You need to be lying down and I need to be able to see your face and half of your body through the camera of your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. The use of headphones is recommended. 

The process is strictly confidential, the session is recorded by Zoom, and the recording will be delivered to you via email.

How many Quantum Healing Therapy sessions do I need to find an answer to a specific question?

Generally, one session is sufficient to obtain the answer to a specific question that was brought to the session. This is not a therapy that requires weekly or monthly sessions. They are individual sessions to find an answer to something specific. If you want to repeat the experience, you must wait three weeks before booking another session.



Here are firsthand how people who have experienced a Quantum Healing Therapy session feel about it.  Each journey is unique, personal, and transforming.
  • Pamela (Los Angeles, CA) – “My experience with the quantum healing therapy was very positive. Although I could not relax initially because it was something different for me, as I’ve never done a guided meditation before, I usually do them by myself; I think it was an exciting experience where I felt something was unlocked. At first, I was nervous about “not being able to see anything,” but then I relaxed, and although I could not “see,” I felt an immense peace and a real connection to “everything” as if floating in the middle of the cosmos. At the end of the session, I was surprised to see my child in front of me. To be able to hug her and heal some childhood wounds was a beautiful experience. Now I feel that the adult in me is taking charge of my life,… I don’t know how to put it into words… It happened unexpectedly and was a very emotional and healing experience.”
  • Bob (Canada) – “I experienced the quantum healing therapy with Romina and found the journey interesting and enlightening. From early memories re-experienced in a new context to an awareness of a cosmic connection. It was well worth experiencing.”
  • Grisel (Los Angeles, CA) – “The experience I had in this session was completely unexpected. I felt light and wise. I’ve got to meet with both of my gone parents and grandparents. I flew to another place and received a message that I loved. Romina guided me with the right words, which made the trip amazing.”
  • Maria Laura G. (Argentina) I wanted to share this unique experience from a few weeks ago. My 8-year-old son had a problem that we had been treating with traditional therapy sessions since he was four years old without any luck. The problem that my son was facing affected not only him but also the rest of the family. The situation was challenging for me since, as a mother, I only want the best for my son. I did not know what to do. I spoke with Romina, who asked if I wanted to try a quantum connection. I wasn’t a big believer in all this since, after four years of traditional therapy, what could I change with just one session with her? Despite my disbelief, I decided to give it a try. It was only three weeks after the quantum connection with Romina, and my son was able to solve the problem he was having due to a blockage of mine. During my session, I recognized the backup I had, and by releasing it, I could reverse the situation for my son. As I am writing this, I still cannot believe it! I am so grateful to Romina for encouraging me to try quantum connections. I have nothing but words of gratitude to Romina. Thank you so very much!!! Never stop believing.