Saying NO and Setting Boundaries

Particular dilemmas are commonly faced by many but not getting resolved. The truth is that even if the solution is present, no one talks about how to reach it. One common dilemma is the inability to say No, even when wholly justified.

Why Do People Find it Difficult to Say No?

The inability to say No doesn’t always come from the lack of boundary awareness. Most of us are aware of what our boundaries are. However, certain psychological traits make us always push these boundaries.

Saying no is a challenge for some people because of their nature as people-pleasers or workaholics. These traits are not necessarily bad ones. It is ok to be flexible with our boundaries because life often works on trade-offs and compromises. But that is where we come to set the limit. We must learn not to stretch that limit and find a balance. If we fail to keep this balance between compromise and justifiable denying, we will lose motivation and energy in the long run.

Here are 3 Healthy Tips to Learn How to Say NO:

Tuning into Our Inner Sense

We all have instincts. This same instinct allows us to identify when something doesn’t feel right. As a result, we know when our boundaries are being crossed, and it is time to say no. The problem is we ignore this inner sense, and we start treating it like a compass that indicates yes or no. When you feel like you should not be complying with someone or something, you should follow the direction of the compass.

Tolerating Reactions from Others

When you become aware of your boundaries and start protecting them, others are bound to react. Your no will spark some negative emotions from others. To feel not guilty, you must learn to tolerate the behaviors.

The truth is that you will be able to please someone in a single moment. However, a series of such moments will lead to certain resentment because you kept disrespecting your boundaries for that person. In the long run, setting boundaries can strengthen your relationships.

Be Compassionate to Yourself

No matter how much you put others before you, it is a requirement that you take care of yourself. Furthermore, you can’t spread kindness if you are not kind to yourself. Therefore, show yourself some compassion too. Practice acts of self-care. It can be as simple as treating yourself to a good meal or a warm cup of tea.

It is important to remember that the violation of boundaries does not always have to manifest itself as an actual event. At times, boundary violations affect people mentally. It can impact their sense of being a good person.

We need to learn to set personal boundaries and respect them by saying no when required and respecting others. Therefore, the next time someone says no to you, it does not necessarily mean being negative. Tolerance and understanding can help solve this dilemma for all of us.

Saying no is a challenge for some people because of their nature of being a people pleaser. FREE WORKSHEET “How to Set Boundaries and Say NO” to help you Say NO without feeling guilty about it.

Romina Tomas, Associate Certified Coach

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